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Elm Drive is no ordinary stormwater management system. What now exists as a series of planters along a street is only touching the surface of a much larger and complex system that lies beneath. TMIG saw this retrofit as an opportunity to provide the City of Mississauga, Peel District School Board and the Credit Valley Conservation with a revolutionary way to manage excess runoff from roads in residential areas. From this concept, a garden infiltration system was born.

Using a combination of both natural and man-made elements, an array of plants, flowers and permeable pavement help to aid in the filtration process. Removing 80% of sediment, it is safe to say that this filtration system is not just a "pretty face” as its benefits lie far beyond its visual appeal, substantially cleaning road runoff before entering back into the nearby Cooksville creek, st rates lowers than previously experienced. 

Function and design come together on Elm Drive to produce an aesthetically pleasing, operational design.

All images and diagram courtesy of the Credit Valley Conservation (CVC).